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10 Sushi Rolls You Have To Try

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

The traditional Japanese delicacy made from cooked rice and vinegar offers a worldwide appeal. It is a combination of rice, raw fish, vegetables, or other foods, with its main ingredient being tuna fish. According to, tuna is the most popular sushi fish, with a whopping 60% of raw sushi rolls containing tuna. You may want to try out some of the following popular sushi:

Maki Rolls

The roll is cylinder-shaped sushi wrapped in seaweed. It contains rice, cucumber, avocado, tuna, salmon, and carrots.

Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri sushi has a piece of raw fish on top of a small rice ball. It's served with soy sauce and acts as an appetizer.

Rainbow Roll

This colorful roll has tuna, crab meat, salmon, yellowtail, and cucumber on top of a seaweed wrapper. The colorful array of fish looks beautiful and tastes great.

Lotus Rolls

A lotus roll comes with fresh salmon, avocado, and scallion topped with seared salmon, garlic tomato sauce, and sea salt. Lotus rolls are popular and worth trying as an appetizer usually found at a Japanese restaurant.

Philadelphia Rolls

They feature smoked salmon, cream cheese, and avocado. As a Japanese-American hybrid, the Philadelphia roll appeals to the palates of sushi novices and connoisseurs alike.

Shrimp Tempura Rolls

Tempura is a Japanese dish of deep-fried batter. The shrimp tempura roll is made with shrimp tempura, cucumber, and avocado and topped with eel sauce and spicy mayo.

Guru Rolls

Caviar is a great addition to any sushi roll. The ingredients for the guru roll include shrimp tempura and cucumber, topped with eel, avocado, scallion, red & black caviar, and a delicious eel sauce.

Spicy Tuna Rolls

This sushi roll features tuna, one of the most common sushi ingredients. Whether you're new to sushi or you've tried and loved many different rolls, the spicy tuna roll can be a great addition to your meal.

California Roll

The California roll contains avocado, cucumber, and crab meat and is a standard sushi roll at a Japanese restaurant. These delicious ingredients make it a good starter for those new to sushi.

Station Square Roll

Alaskan king crab has a great taste. The station square roll also includes spicy shrimp, avocado, tobiko, scallion, and bonito flakes.

No matter your preferences, there's a sushi roll that will suit your tastes. So take a bit of a culinary adventure with some of these exciting sushi rolls.

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