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Looking to Try Something New? Check Out These Sushi Ingredients!

With almost 35% of Americans never trying sushi, according to Kelton Global, now is the perfect time to try it! Don't feel like going out to a Japanese restaurant? Sushi delivery service is perfect for a night in with friends. Check out these mouth-watering sushi components that make up some of Japan's most iconic dishes.

Toro Salmon

The word "toro" means "melt" in Japanese and refers to the soft fatty belly of the salmon. One of the most popular options among those who are beginning to try sushi, salmon is an extremely tender cut of fish.


This tuna is very lean. It can be consumed zuke-maguro style, meaning it is pickled in soy sauce and various condiments.

Chu Toro Tuna

This prized cut of tuna comes from the belly, toward the center and rear of the fish. It is a lovely blend of akami and o-toro with a very high fat content.


This cut of marinated mackerel is one of the most commonly consumed fish across Japan due to its abundance.


The top-of-the-line Spanish mackerel has meaty flavors but still tastes light. To make it more succulent, try lightly grilling the sawara.


This is one of the most popular toppings among sushi-eaters. Katsuo is unique in the fact that it tastes leaner in the spring and richer and fattier in the winter. It is often eaten with Negi and ginger.


Sea urchins are considered a delicacy in Japan, and they're coveted for their buttery flavor and creamy texture. Uni is hard to miss because it's normally bright orange in color. It's also typically topped with perfectly green wasabi for balance.


This surf clam is easy to recognize by its appearance. Sushi lovers describe the flavor of this clam as elegant and mild.


Egg and rice marry together to create this dish, which translates to "Japanese rolled omelets." Eggs are made with dashi, soy sauce, and mirin and placed atop the roll to create sushi that is reminiscent of breakfast.

There is an incredible amount of different sushi cuts, flavors, and styles throughout the world. If you are looking for Asian fusions in New York, be sure to visit us at Jade Eatery and Lounge or order online for sushi delivery!

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