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5 Asian Fusion Dishes to Treat Your Tastebuds

If you're a foodie, you already know that the world of Asian fusions brings some of the most delicious flavor combinations to the table. All your favorites, from Indian to Japanese restaurants, share dishes and find new ways to enjoy traditional recipes. Here are five Asian fusions you need to try.

1. Salmon Tandoor

If you've never had tandoori bar-be-que, prepare to be impressed! Tandoori includes meat or fish marinated and cooked with spices in a high-heat clay oven known as a tandoor. The dish is known for its tenderness and variety of sweet and savory flavors. This tandoori salmon is marinated in yogurt, ginger, plenty of garlic, and local spices, before being cooked to perfection over an intense flame.

2. Bhindi Masala

It can be difficult to have dietary restrictions in the world of food, but vegetarians and gluten-free folks are finding more and more exciting recipes every day. Bhindi Masala, a north Indian dish, is vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. This delicious meal is crafted using only vegetables and spices. The primary features are okra, a tender tropical vegetable, and curry, cooked together with a number of other flavors that blend together for a perfect lunch or dinner.

3. Tarabagani Sushi

If you're in the mood for a sushi restaurant (and who isn't?) look no further than the king – the Alaskan king crab. Also known as Tarabagani, the king crab is a delicious favorite for discerning seafood fans. Paired with spices and some greens, this delightful little sushi dish is sure to leave you wanting more.

4. Gulab Jamun

Don't forget to leave room for dessert! Gulab Jamun is an East Indian confectionary treat sure to leave your tastebuds overjoyed at the end of your meal. The dough is traditionally made of milk solids and flour, and is fried in oil or clarified butter until golden brown. Preparation varies by locale, but they can be seen served with syrup, confectionary sugar, fruits, or spices.

5. The Lychee Martini

If you're looking to pair your dinner with a fruity drink, the lychee martini is a unique twist on a classic favorite. This mixed drink is made with lychee-infused vodka, orange liqueur, and fresh lychee puree, garnished with a skewered lychee berry. The perfect mellow beverage to chase a spicy curry or a savory beef.

According to a national survey by Pei Wei Food, 33% of Americans have never even tried sushi. Cultural fusion is one of the best ways to expand your palate, and loving food is all about trying something new! Visit us at Jade Eatery & Lounge for some classics and fresh Asian fusions to indulge your senses.

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